head up




better things are coming


the best part of me was always you

you hold me to be happy


I can't live with or without you

I don't need this

109 dagar

somebody that I used to know


alla stora sanningar börjar som händelser.

we will see

alone here with me

you have to get hurt that's how you learn

Utkast: April 15, 2012

blue inspiration

simple is beautiful

I'm sick of people

late at night

du är preliminärt antagen

Aqua blue

cause and effect

stay strong

Without struggle there is no progress

some walks you have to take alone.

it's just hard to let someone go

be free and let it go.

but never hold me down

You light up my world like nobody else

och du som gått vid min sida

time passes by

what's meant to be will always find its way


but in my heart it was so real

my chance

read between the lines

some kind of inspiration

sad but true

lift you higher

klockan är sent, det finns ingen tid för dig.

we are familly

3 mars +

summer inspo

I am more than what you see

σ 'αγαπώ

live don't just exist